our story...

12 years ago a boy (Marvin Govender) and a girl (Sedika Rampersard)

met on the 22ND of February 2007 at Merebank High Secondary School.

 It wasnt planned for them to meet, well not by them. A mutual friend planned

for them to meet, she thought they would be perfect for each other and she

was right.They got to know each other by starting off as just friends. on 28TH

February 2007 Marvin asked Sedika to be his girlfriend…. but has time flew by 

and the more time they spent together and got to know each …a magical

feeling began to develop in their hearts for each other. Thats when  they knew the

had fallen in love with each other…That High School Sweet Hearts kinda love..

Hugs & kisses

I thought perfect couples only existed in books, movies and fairytales… but that all changed after i met you.

– Sedika & Marvin Govender